Managing the Attendance Requirement – Online Resources

Managing Attendance

Remember that it is your responsibility to manage attendance per State and Archdiocesan guidelines.

Here are some ideas for doing so.

Preferred Option: Use Online Event Tool

Two easy-to-use tools include SignUp Genius and EventBrite

Examples of form set-up:

A few notes:

  • Have a phone number ready for those who cannot or do not wish to use an online registration portal. Promote that number. Those who call should still have the registration entered in the online portal to help track total numbers (be sure that someone is accountable for entering those phone registrations into the portal in timely manner).
  • Best practices for Ethnic Communities:
    • Share direct links to the online portal via text/Facebook
    • Connect the online portal to your parish Facebook page.
    • Use the WhatsApp application to communicate and/or collect registrations.
    • Note that confirmation emails will not work for large percentage of these communities as they prefer communication via text/application and not email.

First Come – First Served

  • Set-up an area outside of the designated entrance for attendees to line up (i.e. grocery/hardware stores).
    • Only use one entrance to simply tracking the number of people who are coming into the church. Multiple exits can be used.
      • Note: be sure that handicap accessibility entrance is available for those who need it.
    • Consider creating a map of the parish property showing the path of entrance into the church. Post that map onto the parish website/social media/at the front door.
    • Mark out 6 feet spacing for those who are lining up to enter the church.
    • Keep doors of church locked until 15 minutes prior to the start of Mass.
  • Volunteers should control traffic into the church and keep track of the number of people entering.
  • Communicate to parishioners in all notifications beforehand and at the parish that there is only a limited number of people who can attend each Mass.
  • An example of communication and set-up using this method: