About Us 2

Mission and Concept

The mission of the Office of Risk Management is to provide Catholic parishes and institutions with the highest quality professional risk management services and insurance and protection programs that are tailored and sensitive to the unique issues, relationships and risks of Catholic non-profit organizations. We strive to provide these products and services at costs that bring substantial savings to each of our participating organizations.

Economies of Scale

Our insurance and protection services are provided through a combination of self-insurance programs and broad umbrella-type insurance policies. Bringing together a large number of Catholic entities under these programs permits substantial economies of scale in administration, services and products. The program size also provides considerable negotiating leverage. In addition, the ability to manage claims and risk analysis internally enables us to constantly monitor loss and risk developments and to manage those trends through innovative and effective loss control programs.

Professional Staff and State-of-the-Art Resources

With the combined resources of a full professional risk management staff and state-of-the-art risk management and claims software, we bring Fortune 500 corporate-quality risk management and protection to our Catholic non-profit participants. In short, we enable our participants to take the risks necessary to further their mission and continuously improve their operational and financial strength.