Liability Coverage

General Liability provides coverage in defense of claims or lawsuits brought against you due to bodily injury or property damage for which you are legally liable. This coverage applies when someone other than an employee is injured on your property, or off your property if the injury is allegedly caused by you. Typical types of General Liability claims include someone slipping and falling on your premises or a tree on your property falling onto a neighbor’s residence.


Liability Claims

The single most important element in claims management is claims reporting. It is imperative that a claim be reported as soon as possible, as the more time passes, the more difficult it is to conduct the investigation and manage the claim. Prompt communication with the involved parties allows the claims management team to establish a relationship and rapport and respond the insured’s needs, while keeping the cost of the claim under control. In addition, early reporting of liability claims allows for the timely identification of witnesses and the ability to interview individuals while memories are fresh.

Experience has shown that early contact and communication with the claimant greatly reduces the likelihood of litigation. Because legal fees associated with litigation can be quite costly and the process can be lengthy, both sides benefit when litigation is avoided.

The preferred method to report claims would be to follow this link: and enter Username: 1466291 Password: newclaim

Alternatively, claims can be reported via email at or faxed to 888-329-2721. A representative at the customer service center can also take claims over the phone at 888-476-2669.

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