Parish Protection Coverage

In 2006, most of the lines of protection provided to our parishes was consolidated under one “package” called the Parish Protection Program. The result was a reduction in the number of line items on parish invoices, a decrease in the amount of paper used in the billing process and savings on the cost of billing and mailing. Although the statistics, claims and cost data continue to be tracked individually, the Parish Protection Program now includes a broad range of insurance and protections under one umbrella.

Auto and Workers’ Compensation are the only lines that are still listed separately on the parish bills. Although elements of the Schedule Property coverage is included in the Parish Protection Program, a separate line is provided due to the frequent additions and deletions of scheduled items.


Review Your Invoices

Pastors and business managers should periodically review their bills for accuracy, ensuring that the information provided is correct. For example, ask the following questions:

  • Are all entities and buildings noted?
  • If you have access to someone with knowledge of construction costs, are the insured values logical and appear reasonable? If you are unsure, contact the Office of Risk Management for assistance.
  • Is $20,000 of protection sufficient for the Priest Personal Effects? Do any of the priests have items of unusual value, such as a chalice or heirloom jewelry?

Program Change Notices

The Office of Risk Management should be notified immediately of any new building construction, or the acquisition, sale or lease of property, as well as any construction or renovations that constitute an addition to an existing building or renovation of more than 30% of an existing building. Notification should also be made when there is a new operation or a change in the existing operations within the parish. These notifications are known as Program Change Notices (vehicle or building additions, deletions, or changes in value), and the forms are as follows:

Deletion of Parish Building(s) Addition of Parish Building(s) Add or Remove Vehicle(s)

General Liability FAQ

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please contact our Claims Manager.

Do we cover students on our General Liability policy when we go on field trips?

Yes, however, we require parents or guardians to sign a Liability Waiver & Medical Authorization Form indicating that they understand RCAB’s policy.

Liability Waiver and Medical Authorization

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