Guidelines for Non-Parish Use of Parish Premises

Many pastors allow non-parish groups to utilize space in parish buildings, either as a source of revenue for the parish or as a way to aid outside organizations that lack meeting space. Examples include groups that meet regularly, such as boy scouts or rotary clubs, and one-time events, such as wedding receptions or birthday parties. If you rent out your parish hall, whether for meetings or events, renters must obtain Special Event Insurance. This includes receptions held after funerals, and all non-parish sponsored group meetings. Special Event Insurance is a protection for the parish and the Diocese in the event of an accident. Please contact Dawn Makusiewicz or to purchase Special Event Insurance, or fill out the FORM and fax/email it to Dawn:

Appropriate Use

Please note that parish facilities should not be used for political purposes, such as fundraisers for a candidate to political office. To do so would put your religious tax-exempt status at risk. In addition, the general goals and objectives of the group using the facilities should be consistent with the values and mission of the Catholic Church.